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Free Consultation

CONTACT me for a FREE CONSULTATION. Please provide: 


  • a brief synopsis (200 words max) or notes about your project.

  • the genre, target audience, and word count.

  • the service you are considering. 


We can then set up a phone or Skype session to discuss which service best suits your needs. Custom packages are available.



  • CONTENT EDITING & EDITORIAL REVIWS (.012 - .016 per word) 

  • LINE & COPY EDITING (.013 -.020 per word)



free consultation

Mentoring & Story Consulting

Are you embarking upon a project? Pondering the pros and cons of one story over another? Have a thrilling ghost of an idea? What next? The combinations and approaches are both daunting and exciting. For example, should your grandmother’s letters become a braided non-fiction narrative or a historical novel? A memoir or a blog?  Should that forgotten battle become a book of popular history or a travelogue?


 I will help you uncover the approach that best suits your material and your strengths as a writer. Once we get underway I will advise you on, for example, how to:  


  • discover your angle of approach and point of view.

  • formulate a premise.

  • plot and outline for maximum tension.

  • develop your unique writing style.

  • create unforgettable characters.

  • develop a powerful theme.

  • create true dramatic conflict.


$80 an hour


This service includes phone calls, Skypes, emails, and ongoing notes. 


Developmental Editing 

Do you have a first or second draft of a manuscript?  Are you worried about clarity? Structure? Character development? Plot threads? Marketability? Worry no more. My content edits include: 


1.   Fifteen to twenty  pages of detailed notes on, for example:

  • Plot & structure

  • How to clarify your story premise

  • How to refine your dialogue

  • When to use dramatic scenes versus exposition

  • How to integrate research & avoid anachronisms

  • How to create greater tension

  • Tense, punctuation, grammar, & writing style

  • Character development & character arcs

  • The angle of approach, POV, and perspective

  • Themes & motifs

2.   Notes and highlighting within the manuscript pinpointing, for example, what to develop,  writing strengths, and plot beats.

4.   Two-three hours of phone calls or face-to-face consulting.


5.  Actionable suggestions on the issues raised.

  .025 -- .027 per word

content editing

Copy & Line Editing

Is the structure and content of your manuscript more or less finalized? Line and copy-editing is a word-by-word process and includes:


  • re-writing for clarity, style, syntax & impact.

  • correction of punctuation, grammar, capitalization, hyphenations, etc.

  • cutting back on wordiness & redundancy.

  • adjustment of verb tenses & POV shifts.

  • pointing out of anachronisms.

  • suggestions for word choice. 

  • fact-checking.

  • 1-3 pages of suggestions.


$0.04 - $0.08 per word


*To determine the price I provide a sample copy-edit. Manuscripts needing a light copy-edit will be priced lower.


Screenplay Adaptation & Editing

Do you have a short story, novel, or memoir you would like to turn into a screenplay? Are you struggling with the structure and dialogue of an existing screenplay?

           Contact me to discuss

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